Why Digitize

Why Digitizing Film, Video Tape, Slides and Audio Assets is Important

  • Makes it easier to implement a content management system for easier browsing, archiving and cataloging for any current or future projects.
  • With easy accessibility you can evaluate an increased amount of footage in a shorter period of time.
  • Film, slides, records, video and tape assets have continued protection from unsuitable temperatures and humidity.
  • Digitization of your valuable assets reduces costs associated with the use of other antiquated archival equipment and operations when you need high-quality content quickly.
  • Digitization decreases the cost of creating backup copies, which requires access to equipment that may be difficult to find in the future and which is often obsolete.
  • Decreases the size of your storage space. This also allows you to move original analog assets to a lower-cost storage facility if needed.
  • Eliminate the risk of the destruction of film, slides, records, video or tape collections from man-made or natural disasters (earthquake, flood, fire, tornado and hurricanes, etc.)
  • And in the long term, a pristine preservation method of both your film, slide, audio/video and tape content means easy access to digital material when you need it most.

Saving tapes for transfer at another time is only prolonging the inevitable. There will be an increase in expenses the longer you wait.