Broadcast & Professional Video Services

At, we handle all tape and video assets as if we created them ourselves. Every 2″ quad, 1″ Type C, Super Hi-Band, Beta, VHS, Hi-8, and mini-DV, (just to name a few), is handled with exceptional care to reveal award-winning quality and resolution. Handcrafted attention goes into the details of transference to produce a flawless conversion that is as impeccable as the original.

Whether for archival purposes or for use in current or future projects, we can transfer and digitize any of the following assets:

  • 2″ Quad (quadruplex)
  • 1″ Type C
  • D-2
  • D-3
  • Beta, Beta-SP, Beta-SX, Digi Beta
  • ¾” U-Matic, ¾” U-Matic SP
  • DVCam
  • DVC Pro
  • Mini-DV
  • Betamax
  • Hi-8, Video-8, Digi-8
  • VHS – International Standards (PAL and SECAM)

Our Transfer Process

Upon receiving your tapes or videos, our experienced technicians evaluate their condition for sticky shed syndrome (SSS) to make sure they can be played. If the material is exhibiting SSS, we carefully treat your tape with a technical process to eliminate the problem. We then clean the tape to remove any loose oxide, dust or foreign particles. After a thorough cleaning, we transfer the videotape to your requested format. We then check the transferred file to assure its quality.


Transfer 2″ Quad Video Tape (NTSC only)

At, we provide the best quality in 2″ Quadruplex (2″ Quad) transfers. Our unique tape restoration, transfer, and digitization process results in distinctly sharp and focused results, whether your assets are black & white or in color. Because of the fragile nature of these distinctive, but aging 2″ tapes, (some older than 50 years), our experienced technicians take only the utmost care in handling tape transfers. All evaluations are completed in a controlled environment so we can monitor every detail of the process. Once the transfer is successfully completed, we contact you for further shipping, labeling and delivery instructions.

1″ Type C Tape

1″ Type C tape was popular from 1976 to the early 1990’s because it offered the advantages of requiring less floor space, energy and maintenance. The longevity of 1″ Type C tape is moderate and equipment longevity also falls in the moderate to low category. For transfer and digitization, we use Sony and Ampex VTRs and TBCs for superior quality. When converted to a digital file we remaster the video and audio including image restoration and color correction. We can also enhance audio or eliminate background distractions, improve audio levels and equalize the program for a more synchronized fluid playback.


Carefully preserved and stored footage of videotaped programming is priceless. For long-term storage, nothing protects your assets like having digital master files. Whether its VHS, Betamax or DVCAM, we have the broadcast decks and the equipment including Panasonic VTRs, Sony VTRs and TBCs that can give breathe new life into old programming.We can professionally clean and transfer or digitize your video tape or tape recordings to the following formats:

  • Standard DVD (NTSC only)
  • DVCAM or mini DV digital tape (NTSC only)
  • Computer files in an uncompressed capture file format.
  • Compressed computer file formats such as .avi, .mpg, .mov, MP4, etc.
  • Any combination of the above options.

Delivery of the media can be in a format of your choosing including Computer Hard Drive, USB Drive, USB Flash Memory, DVD or uploaded to Dropbox or Google Drive, etc.